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5 Simple Ways to Go Solar in Your Home


Are you eco-conscious? Is the electricity bill eating deep into your income? Do you know it is easy to go solar in your home? Read on for details.

With the increment in energy bills, people are now looking for alternative sources to power their homes. There are a lot of solar panels that can effectively substitute fossil-fuel-generated electricity for several purposes around the home. 


Besides the benefit of reduced energy bills, solar panels can also increase your property value. Additionally, they are generally sustainable for the ecosystem. 


Stay glued! In this article, we will show you 5 ways you can go solar in your home. And like we always do, we will leave you with a bonus tip at the end. 


Light bulbs
Do you know that you can substitute traditional light bulbs for more natural and sustainable ones? Solar light bulbs are pretty affordable and durable. They shine bright, which is why they are often used for outdoor lighting. 


Using a clothesline
One of the easiest ways to go solar in your home is to ditch the dryers for natural sunlight. Especially during summer when the weather is pretty hot.

Rather than dumping those clothes in the dryer, why not create a clothesline in your backyard and have them get sundry? And, of course, creating a clothesline costs you almost nothing. It is a DIY project that you can carry out without much stress. This simple hack can save you a lot of money at the end of each month. 


Solar heating panels for pools
The pool gets cold sometimes and deprives people of jumping in, especially during the cold and freezing weather. 

People often use artificial electricity to heat the pool. But this screams a lot of money. Solar heating panels are an economical and sustainable alternative to staying on top of the fun in your pool. It may cost a little bit more for a purchase value, but with time, you will realise it saves a lot more money than it costs. 

Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters are an excellent investment if you have a high need for heated water in your home. It is very effective for heating water. All you have to do is install a solar heater, and be rest assured you are not breaking the bank to satisfy your need for the heated water. 


Solar oven

Yes, you read correctly. Due to its importance in cooking and baking, every home owns an oven. Your oven can be solar-powered. And depending on how large your family is and how often you cook, the oven may be used for longer. This means your electricity bill is running on the high side.

Another perfect way to go solar in your home, especially for large homes and eco-conscious individuals, is to use ovens with direct sunlight. They are easy and cost very little to operate. 

Solar chargers and power banks
Artificial energy sources for charging devices can only be helpful when you are at home. Even power banks will run down after some time of being away. 


Enough of the worries about how to charge your devices when on a long trip; solar chargers and power banks are very portable and easy to move around. They get their energy directly from sunlight, so you do not have to worry about them running down. 

The price for solar panels had drastically reduced over the last few years, unlike before when it was very difficult to purchase one. This makes it welcoming and affordable for all and sundry—just the right time to get onboard. Before them, remember you start making the change to go solar in your home by drying your clothes out in the sun.

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