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5 Creative Ways to Recycle Tyres


You are probably wondering how to recycle tyres as part of your eco-conscious living. Well, it is not rocket science. We discuss 5 creative ways below. Read on!

With each tyre that goes bad, rest assured the planet gets to suffer the consequences for thousands of years because vehicle tyres are non-biodegradable. They will most likely end up in landfills and contribute to the increasing pollution.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive cars or change your tyres. Even as we try to rid ourselves of plastics, the truth is, that certain items like vehicle tyres are yet to be completely replaced with a sustainable option. But you can totally do something about it. Instead of leaving it out there in landfills, you can get creative and recycle bad tyres. Not sure how? Keep reading to discover 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Tyres. As always, we will leave you with a bonus at the end of the article. So, stay glued. Also, as we proceed, please click on Subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

Make a swing

Do your kids love to jump on the swing to play during the holidays? Then this tyre recycling idea is perfect for you. With just two ropes tied to it on a tree in your backyard, you would be giving your kids and family the luxury of a swing right in your house. Now, they no longer have to wait to visit the park to enjoy one anymore.

Beautify your garden

Do you know you can recycle tyres right in your garden? That’s right! Bad vehicle tyres can serve as beds for your plants in the garden. You can plant flowers, trees, and even vegetables in them. This will give your garden a brighter look and save the planet from other waste. Simply fill the tyres with soil and plant whatever you like. You can stack them together to give a variety look, hang them on the wall at eye level, or simply place them individually on the ground. Additionally, they can also serve as garden beds to prevent erosion from washing your plants away.

Make lightings

Bad vehicle tyres come in handy when you are looking to create unique light fixtures to decorate your home. Tyres are usually big so you can place as many beautiful LED bulbs of different colours as possible in a tyre, with an electrical or solar connection and expect a magnificent outcome. Light fixtures made from tyres can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your aesthetic taste.

Make a bed for your pets

Your four-legged babies could have a new bed. This is an opportunity to give your pet a unique home in your home. Simply paint the tyres and decorate them with comfortable pillows. We are positive they will love it.

A patio furniture

A patio is great for relaxing because of the natural air you get from the outdoors. It can also be a place to entertain guests and furniture is definitely needed in this space. The materials used in making patio furniture are usually of high quality, hence they tend to be more expensive compared to regular indoor furniture. Instead of spending a fortune on that, you can easily recycle tyres and create unique eco-friendly furniture. A few tyres painted in beautiful colours and a glass to fit on top make a perfect table for your patio. Likewise, a chair can be easily made by cutting the tyre into desired shapes and placing pillows in them.

Bonus tip


Kids love to jump on sandboxes when they go to the park. Why not bring the park to your home for your kids?! Rather than dumping those tyres in landfills, fill them with sand and place a shade on them to protect your kids from the sun while they play.

There’s a lot you can do with bad vehicle tyres. Don’t just dump them In the garage. These creative DIY ideas will help you recycle tyres into exciting household items for your family. Even better, these ideas are super easy and cost little to nothing to make.

Give it a try!

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