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15 Eco-friendly Holiday Activities to Do this Christmas


With the season right around the corner, there is so much preparation to do. Friends and family are at the peak of love and charity, and it can be easy to forget to plan a fun-filled day for yourself and them as well.

Hello and welcome to EcoBravo, we are a site dedicated to encouraging people to live better eco-friendly lives. In this post, we shall be exploring ten eco-friendly holiday activities to do this Christmas for one or multiple people. 

Christmas is about love, and why not extend that love to the planet that has so loved us. Take the time and energy to explore this list of activities and maybe add them to your holiday activity list.

Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is a fun and exhilarating event to have for both adults and kids. Set up a few hidden items around the house and have your loved ones scour around looking for them. Make things fun, set a timer, and see who can find the items the fastest. Take advantage of the outdoor space and some of nature's hidden objects.

Seed collecting

Seed collecting is yet another fun activity that can be encouraged. Set up a long list of seeds found within your locality and spend the holiday searching each shop or farmers market for them. Get crazy and look for seeds of plants beyond your vicinity. Keep track and see how much you can cover.

Seed planting

Planting seeds is a lovely way to spend your holiday. Apart from thanking the earth, you also get the chance to reap the fruit of your planting in the long run. While doing this, you can also set up your mini garden or use lots of potted plants.

Building a birdhouse

Why not extend the Christmas love to the birds of the air. Commit a few hours or days to build a delightful birdhouse, depending on your schedule. Go crazy with your designs but remember to use only sustainable products like wood. As a bonus tip, consider making a squirrel house to entertain your furry friends.

Bake or cook-offs

Nothing says Christmas like freshly baked or cooked meals. Call neighbours, friends, and family and have them bake or cook to determine whose recipe should be crowned. Make it fun, limit the ingredients to only healthy options, and see what creativity can be made.

Making candles

Candle making is a fun idea to do alone, with company, or with kids. Several DIY options are available on the internet, and you can even explore several local recipes. Go further and make coloured or even scented candles. But be sure to use eco-friendly products like beeswax for the base, essential oil for the scent, cocoa, turmeric, etc., for the colour.


Decluttering can also be an activity for a holiday. Take time to box up items you no longer need or can wear. But rather than storing them, why not give them out and share a little Christmas love. Search for charities and stores that take used items and make somebody's day.

Book shopping

Yes, you read right, not reading but shopping. Think about your favourite genre or consider a timeline and write out a list of books fitting that. If you are more into classical books, go ahead and spend your Christmas getting yourself a collection worth it. You can also go book shopping for your favourite authors. Go across your town and beyond and see how many books you can gather on your list.


Of course, reading cannot be exempted as a fun activity to do this Christmas. Challenge yourself to finish one a week or less. The more, the better.

Craft making

Yes, crafting is one activity we cannot forget. There are so many amazing ideas you can explore. This is possibly one of the best activities for kids. Be even more eco friendly and use items from your home. Reuse and recycle old items and make them into something new.


Puzzling is a popular Christmas event and will certainly be on this list. Get yourself several puzzles or a really big one. Spend the whole holiday slowly piecing them back in. Otherwise, have friends over and put them in couples or groups and see who can puzzle faster.

Outdoor experience

There’s nothing like a good old outdoor experience. Spend time in the backyard, go for a walk, try hiking. Just go outdoors and experience nature at its best this season. You may even consider having a picnic after.

Using a real tree

It's Christmas, and the season won't be complete without a tree. Rather than a plastic and unhealthy one, choose only a real tree for this season. Several communities have stores and markets where real trees can be bought. Go for that and let mother nature join in the Christmas fun.

Eco-friendly ornaments

With a Christmas tree come decorations. Rather than choose plastic made ornaments, consider those made of wood. Or go a step more creative and make eco-friendly ornaments. Use old fruit backs, and lemon or orange dried slices. There are several alternatives for anyone to choose from.

Choosing led Christmas lighting

Christmas lighting is unavoidable, so select only those made with led lights rather than go for the non-sustainable and certainly not eco-friendly choices in the stores. It saves the plant and helps cut down on light bills. A win-win.


There are many more options, but we are certain these will keep you busy throughout the holiday. Spend more time with friends, family, the kids, or just yourself with these activities. Thanks for reading. For more tips, please subscribe to our channel, like and share the content, and you will find other articles to help you be more eco-friendly. If you have a recommendation, need to enquire, or need advice, please contact us here at EcoBravo, and we will be happy to lend a listening ear.

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