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5 Simple Ways to Go Solar in Your Home


Are you eco-conscious? Is the electricity bill eating deep into your income? Do you know it is easy to go solar in your home? Read on for details.

With the increment in energy bills, people are now looking for alternative sources to power their homes. There are a lot of solar panels that can effectively substitute fossil-fuel-generated electricity for several purposes around the home. 


Besides the benefit of reduced energy bills, solar panels can also increase your property value. Additionally, they are generally sustainable for the ecosystem. 


Stay glued! In this article, we will show you 5 ways you can go solar in your home. And like we always do, we will leave you with a bonus tip at the end. 


Light bulbs
Do you know that you can substitute traditional light bulbs for more natural and sustainable ones? Solar light bulbs are pretty affordable and durable. They shine bright, which is why they are often used for outdoor lighting. 


Using a clothesline
One of the easiest ways to go solar in your home is to ditch the dryers for natural sunlight. Especially during summer when the weather is pretty hot.

Rather than dumping those clothes in the dryer, why not create a clothesline in your backyard and have them get sundry? And, of course, creating a clothesline costs you almost nothing. It is a DIY project that you can carry out without much stress. This simple hack can save you a lot of money at the end of each month. 


Solar heating panels for pools
The pool gets cold sometimes and deprives people of jumping in, especially during the cold and freezing weather. 

People often use artificial electricity to heat the pool. But this screams a lot of money. Solar heating panels are an economical and sustainable alternative to staying on top of the fun in your pool. It may cost a little bit more for a purchase value, but with time, you will realise it saves a lot more money than it costs. 

Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters are an excellent investment if you have a high need for heated water in your home. It is very effective for heating water. All you have to do is install a solar heater, and be rest assured you are not breaking the bank to satisfy your need for the heated water. 


Solar oven

Yes, you read correctly. Due to its importance in cooking and baking, every home owns an oven. Your oven can be solar-powered. And depending on how large your family is and how often you cook, the oven may be used for longer. This means your electricity bill is running on the high side.

Another perfect way to go solar in your home, especially for large homes and eco-conscious individuals, is to use ovens with direct sunlight. They are easy and cost very little to operate. 

Solar chargers and power banks
Artificial energy sources for charging devices can only be helpful when you are at home. Even power banks will run down after some time of being away. 


Enough of the worries about how to charge your devices when on a long trip; solar chargers and power banks are very portable and easy to move around. They get their energy directly from sunlight, so you do not have to worry about them running down. 

The price for solar panels had drastically reduced over the last few years, unlike before when it was very difficult to purchase one. This makes it welcoming and affordable for all and sundry—just the right time to get onboard. Before them, remember you start making the change to go solar in your home by drying your clothes out in the sun.

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5 Creative Ways to Recycle Tyres


You are probably wondering how to recycle tyres as part of your eco-conscious living. Well, it is not rocket science. We discuss 5 creative ways below. Read on!

With each tyre that goes bad, rest assured the planet gets to suffer the consequences for thousands of years because vehicle tyres are non-biodegradable. They will most likely end up in landfills and contribute to the increasing pollution.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive cars or change your tyres. Even as we try to rid ourselves of plastics, the truth is, that certain items like vehicle tyres are yet to be completely replaced with a sustainable option. But you can totally do something about it. Instead of leaving it out there in landfills, you can get creative and recycle bad tyres. Not sure how? Keep reading to discover 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Tyres. As always, we will leave you with a bonus at the end of the article. So, stay glued. Also, as we proceed, please click on Subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

Make a swing

Do your kids love to jump on the swing to play during the holidays? Then this tyre recycling idea is perfect for you. With just two ropes tied to it on a tree in your backyard, you would be giving your kids and family the luxury of a swing right in your house. Now, they no longer have to wait to visit the park to enjoy one anymore.

Beautify your garden

Do you know you can recycle tyres right in your garden? That’s right! Bad vehicle tyres can serve as beds for your plants in the garden. You can plant flowers, trees, and even vegetables in them. This will give your garden a brighter look and save the planet from other waste. Simply fill the tyres with soil and plant whatever you like. You can stack them together to give a variety look, hang them on the wall at eye level, or simply place them individually on the ground. Additionally, they can also serve as garden beds to prevent erosion from washing your plants away.

Make lightings

Bad vehicle tyres come in handy when you are looking to create unique light fixtures to decorate your home. Tyres are usually big so you can place as many beautiful LED bulbs of different colours as possible in a tyre, with an electrical or solar connection and expect a magnificent outcome. Light fixtures made from tyres can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your aesthetic taste.

Make a bed for your pets

Your four-legged babies could have a new bed. This is an opportunity to give your pet a unique home in your home. Simply paint the tyres and decorate them with comfortable pillows. We are positive they will love it.

A patio furniture

A patio is great for relaxing because of the natural air you get from the outdoors. It can also be a place to entertain guests and furniture is definitely needed in this space. The materials used in making patio furniture are usually of high quality, hence they tend to be more expensive compared to regular indoor furniture. Instead of spending a fortune on that, you can easily recycle tyres and create unique eco-friendly furniture. A few tyres painted in beautiful colours and a glass to fit on top make a perfect table for your patio. Likewise, a chair can be easily made by cutting the tyre into desired shapes and placing pillows in them.

Bonus tip


Kids love to jump on sandboxes when they go to the park. Why not bring the park to your home for your kids?! Rather than dumping those tyres in landfills, fill them with sand and place a shade on them to protect your kids from the sun while they play.

There’s a lot you can do with bad vehicle tyres. Don’t just dump them In the garage. These creative DIY ideas will help you recycle tyres into exciting household items for your family. Even better, these ideas are super easy and cost little to nothing to make.

Give it a try!

For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Ecobravo. We are here to help!


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5 Easy Measures to Curb Global Warming

What are you doing to curb global warming? Global warming is on the rise. While governments are working hard to restore the balance, you and I have a role to play to help prevent this imminent doom.

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog!

Climate change is at the worst point ever. We are already feeling the impact of damaging our ecosystem. Although it took us this long to realise our activities are destroying our very home, people are beginning to devise means to prevent further damage and restore the shifting balance in our ecosystem.

While governments around the world are coming together to find a lasting solution, you and I must play our part to expedite the change we seek. True, you alone cannot solve global warming issues, however, we can make a significant difference if we all embrace this role together.

We put together this article to teach you 5 Easy Measures to Curb Global Warming/

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waste burning

Bush/waste burning is a common practice today. Some say it is easy, others say it is cost-effective. What they fail to understand is how much this ‘easy’ disposal method can affect our health and the environment.

Burning wastes in open fields subject people around you to air pollution. Noxious gases released during combustion can lead to a wide range of health issues. That’s not all. These gases also contribute to the increasing greenhouse gases that are responsible for the climate changes we see today. You can prevent all of these by simply adopting better waste disposal methods.

Plant more trees

Have you planted any trees this year? You will be surprised to know the big difference a few trees can make in terms of curbing global warming. Excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are the primary cause of climate change. Thankfully, we know that trees can rid the atmosphere of certain noxious gases. By simply planting more trees and cutting back on the release of these gases, we would gradually deplete the gases accumulated so far.


Deforestation has been a huge problem in the past decades. Urbanization led to gross deforestation, thus moving the balance in the ecosystem. Worse, millions of trees must be cut down every year to use as raw materials for papers, furniture, etc.

Use composting for waste disposal

How do you dispose of waste? For each waste abandoned in landfills, know that you are contributing to both land and air pollution. As wastes decay, they release harmful gases like methane into the atmosphere. This adds to the already overwhelming amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Composting, on the other hand, makes it possible to degrade wastes without releasing harmful gases into the environment. You end up with very fertile land for planting. Double win!

Opt for renewable energy

Energy is the fastest depleting natural resource because of the increasing demand of our overpopulated world. To make matters worse, some of these energy sources contribute the most to air pollution. For example, many countries still use fossil fuels as a source of energy. Burning fossil fuels doesn’t just make global warming worse for us all, it also endangers the lives of those living around the vicinity. Many communities have been poisoned, sick, and even deserted due to the harmful effect of burning fossil fuels.

While you cannot stop these countries from doing this, you can contribute your quota by opting for clean renewable energy sources in your home.


As we explained above, deforestation has done so much more harm than good. In addition to planting trees and making gardens, effort should be made towards forest conservation. We cannot keep destroying forests and hoping a few planted trees or gardens will make up for it. Humans have done huge damage already. The best way to curb global warming is to prevent further damage while we all work together to repair the damage done already.


Bonus tip!

Proper Waste Disposal

Another way to prevent further damages to the environment is to adopt proper waste disposal methods. Waste disposal is an increasing global concern. You can start small by adopting eco-friendly waste disposal methods such as recycling and composting.


To curb global warming, we must all rise to the task. Enough damage has been done already. As world leaders fight to find a lasting solution, you and I can help by ensuring we do not add to the damages done already. Let’s come together to make this world a better place for everyone.

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15 Eco-friendly Holiday Activities to Do this Christmas


With the season right around the corner, there is so much preparation to do. Friends and family are at the peak of love and charity, and it can be easy to forget to plan a fun-filled day for yourself and them as well.

Hello and welcome to EcoBravo, we are a site dedicated to encouraging people to live better eco-friendly lives. In this post, we shall be exploring ten eco-friendly holiday activities to do this Christmas for one or multiple people. 

Christmas is about love, and why not extend that love to the planet that has so loved us. Take the time and energy to explore this list of activities and maybe add them to your holiday activity list.

Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is a fun and exhilarating event to have for both adults and kids. Set up a few hidden items around the house and have your loved ones scour around looking for them. Make things fun, set a timer, and see who can find the items the fastest. Take advantage of the outdoor space and some of nature's hidden objects.

Seed collecting

Seed collecting is yet another fun activity that can be encouraged. Set up a long list of seeds found within your locality and spend the holiday searching each shop or farmers market for them. Get crazy and look for seeds of plants beyond your vicinity. Keep track and see how much you can cover.

Seed planting

Planting seeds is a lovely way to spend your holiday. Apart from thanking the earth, you also get the chance to reap the fruit of your planting in the long run. While doing this, you can also set up your mini garden or use lots of potted plants.

Building a birdhouse

Why not extend the Christmas love to the birds of the air. Commit a few hours or days to build a delightful birdhouse, depending on your schedule. Go crazy with your designs but remember to use only sustainable products like wood. As a bonus tip, consider making a squirrel house to entertain your furry friends.

Bake or cook-offs

Nothing says Christmas like freshly baked or cooked meals. Call neighbours, friends, and family and have them bake or cook to determine whose recipe should be crowned. Make it fun, limit the ingredients to only healthy options, and see what creativity can be made.

Making candles

Candle making is a fun idea to do alone, with company, or with kids. Several DIY options are available on the internet, and you can even explore several local recipes. Go further and make coloured or even scented candles. But be sure to use eco-friendly products like beeswax for the base, essential oil for the scent, cocoa, turmeric, etc., for the colour.


Decluttering can also be an activity for a holiday. Take time to box up items you no longer need or can wear. But rather than storing them, why not give them out and share a little Christmas love. Search for charities and stores that take used items and make somebody's day.

Book shopping

Yes, you read right, not reading but shopping. Think about your favourite genre or consider a timeline and write out a list of books fitting that. If you are more into classical books, go ahead and spend your Christmas getting yourself a collection worth it. You can also go book shopping for your favourite authors. Go across your town and beyond and see how many books you can gather on your list.


Of course, reading cannot be exempted as a fun activity to do this Christmas. Challenge yourself to finish one a week or less. The more, the better.

Craft making

Yes, crafting is one activity we cannot forget. There are so many amazing ideas you can explore. This is possibly one of the best activities for kids. Be even more eco friendly and use items from your home. Reuse and recycle old items and make them into something new.


Puzzling is a popular Christmas event and will certainly be on this list. Get yourself several puzzles or a really big one. Spend the whole holiday slowly piecing them back in. Otherwise, have friends over and put them in couples or groups and see who can puzzle faster.

Outdoor experience

There’s nothing like a good old outdoor experience. Spend time in the backyard, go for a walk, try hiking. Just go outdoors and experience nature at its best this season. You may even consider having a picnic after.

Using a real tree

It's Christmas, and the season won't be complete without a tree. Rather than a plastic and unhealthy one, choose only a real tree for this season. Several communities have stores and markets where real trees can be bought. Go for that and let mother nature join in the Christmas fun.

Eco-friendly ornaments

With a Christmas tree come decorations. Rather than choose plastic made ornaments, consider those made of wood. Or go a step more creative and make eco-friendly ornaments. Use old fruit backs, and lemon or orange dried slices. There are several alternatives for anyone to choose from.

Choosing led Christmas lighting

Christmas lighting is unavoidable, so select only those made with led lights rather than go for the non-sustainable and certainly not eco-friendly choices in the stores. It saves the plant and helps cut down on light bills. A win-win.


There are many more options, but we are certain these will keep you busy throughout the holiday. Spend more time with friends, family, the kids, or just yourself with these activities. Thanks for reading. For more tips, please subscribe to our channel, like and share the content, and you will find other articles to help you be more eco-friendly. If you have a recommendation, need to enquire, or need advice, please contact us here at EcoBravo, and we will be happy to lend a listening ear.

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly Tips for Saving Costs


Most consumers are not so interested in getting the best deals. It is the quickest and cheapest disposable living that has put us in such a dangerous state. Studies have confirmed that the impact of a business on the environment and the world today plays a big role in their decision to buy goods. Do you know that there are eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical tips that can save costs for individuals and help them cut back on how much they spend? It would even help reduce the carbon footprint of the interested individuals. 


Good day readers, we are Ecobravo, and as we have decided to make it a norm to present to you some friendly tips to help you do the needful in a bit to help the environment and help ourselves at large. Whenever you are in search of information involving the health of the environment and eco-friendly products to use, we might just be your go-to guy, so you can always visit our page and subscribe to our channel for more of this. In this episode, we will be discussing some tips for eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical living.


What are these tips?

In no particular order we will be discussing them below;


Eat only when you have to

Whenever you want to eat, it is always better to try and eat foods made from local sources, as it is much better for the economy and the environment. When you can ensure that money stays in the economy and revolves around it, you can always stimulate growth which will somehow benefit everyone over time. Also, you are not paying for foods to be manufactured, stored, and maybe even shipped over a very long distance. Eating seasonal produce helps you save a lot of money that would have been spent on processed foods, improve the varieties of your diet, and even boost the local economy. Also, it would help impact the environment and economy positively and help boost the immune system, and indirectly, your health.


Endeavour to be water savvy:

Yes, you might want to argue that about seventy per cent of the surface of the earth is covered by water, right? Yes, but even though we think water is in abundance, it is better to always find ways to conserve it by minimizing the level of water consumption. It helps in different ways, like keeping one's budget low and helping the environment thrive. It is not so difficult because all you have to do is start monitoring the amount of water you consume and start making the necessary changes to maintain them. Simple things like shutting the tap off while brushing or never forgetting to turn off the tap when it is not in use could be a good way to start. You can always try to conserve water, even while bathing or washing. 


You can even go the extra mile of swapping your showerheads and faucets with low-flow alternatives and aerators. You can start gathering rainwater for other activities like gardening and washing cars. There are even tankless alternatives to hot water. You can always monitor your meter usage and try to meet up your goals.


Re-evaluate all your providers of utility:

Almost everyone has a lot of utility providers who provide them with a lot of services. You need to see what they do to be able to make a positive impact on the environment and the world around them. If you are into bill tracking, you need to realize that there are a lot of energy service providers who have specialized in offering special rebates and rates for the lower consumption of energy. There are a lot of utility providers, so it is possible to compare and contrast the various ones you have in your area. In those areas where there are limited providers of these services, one can still look at some of the effective environmental programs and initiatives that can go a long way to save one more money while making that positive impact that the environment craves. Your utility providers should be quite able to provide the most eco-friendly and affordable option for you. Choose the ones that can conduct effective energy audits and provide rebates for swapping faucets and appliances for more eco-friendly versions.


Try to use the thrift shop:

Whatever you may think, online shopping has its disadvantages. Yes, it is a lot easier to do what you do; you can even get things from the comfort of your home and even get them at somewhat affordable rates. However, there is a very high chance that someone like you may have used and discarded the items. You can use that to your advantage by visiting the thrift shops for good items that can save you a lot of costs and also help preserve the environment. This is a very important part of Eco-friendliness. There are hidden charges associated with the costs of these items, like storing and shipping costs. Even when these items are produced, carbon emissions are produced, which are detrimental to the health of the environment.


Utilize the three Rs:

Recycling is a great initiative that can make a great difference in our lives and the environment, but only when it is done correctly. Recycling is one of those Rs to remember. Reduce and reuse sometimes go hand-in-hand. However, reducing packaging consumption by purchasing food in bulk can help, and one can use reusable bags for grocery shopping. Before something is recycled, you should take a minute to think of different ways to make it alive again. There are a lot of eco-friendly items one can use to help them keep reusing whatever it is they are using.


There are a lot of ways one can lower spending while caring for the environment at the same time. By making some of these simple changes to some different lifestyles, one can limit the way they spend. With Ecobravo, you are sure to get the best advice and guidance when it comes to eco-friendliness.


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5 Cleaning Motivation Tips to Get You in the Groove


Are you struggling to keep your home clean and tidy at all times? You are not alone! Check out these cleaning motivation recommendations from our experts.


Cleaning can be boring! Yeah, we know. We also know that keeping the home tidied and clean is a desperate need for every homeowner. But only a few homeowners can achieve their cleaning goals. This may be due to their work schedule, time constraint, family duties or whatever reason there is. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that our homes deserve to be in tip-top condition at all times.


So, how do you make cleaning fun and easy?

In this article, 5 Cleaning Motivation to get you in the Groove, my team and I will introduce you to some super cool tricks to make cleaning easy and fun. Before then, be sure you are Subscribed so you do not miss future posts. Also, don’t miss your bonus at the end.


Get into something comfortable


As you get started, it is best to prepare your mind for the chore. You need to make up your mind to enjoy it. And find every possible way to make it fun.


A good place to start is your dress. You are about to clean. This requires lots of movement and activities. Of course, you need to be in something comfortable to work in. You do not need your clothes causing any discomfort or adding to the already stressful tasks.


Turn up the music!


Take it from us, cleaning is fun with music in the background. Whether you choose to use an earphone or a background speaker, it goes a long way to have fun and happy music playing. You can put it in your favourite playlist. You will be amazed at how quickly you will finish the task without any hassle. Works every time!


Get others involved


Music helps but having your family or a friend join you is the ultimate cleaning motivation you need to make the chore fun. You can assign some of the tasks to your kids or have your partner join in. You could also invite a friend to help out. This gives you someone to talk to and enjoy the experience with. Now, you have yourself a little party only this time the vacuum is the band and you are the performing artist!


Take it one bite at a time


You will agree there is so much to do in the home. The bigger the house and the family the more cleaning you will have to do. The trick here is to take it one step at a time. Make a checklist of all the areas to clean and take it one at a time. It is okay not to clean the entire house at once. You can always start from where you stopped another time. Taking on everything will only discourage you and leave you doing nothing at all.


Give it a timeline


Yes, it is your home. It is very easy to keep postponing it. After all, it’s your home. You can clean up whenever you feel like it. This feeling can keep your home dirty and messy for a very very long time.

We advise you to make a checklist and include a deadline. And be sure to stick with the deadline. Remember to keep the schedule practical so you can follow through with the plan.


You deserve a reward


Well, you may not think of this as a cleaning motivation from the start but you will get to know it plays a huge role with time.


Whether it is just a room or the entire house, you deserve a reward for checking off a part of your checklist. This is worth celebrating. Also, this gives you something to look forward to. Fun, right? Exactly!


Cleaning is not fun for many homeowners. When you think about the time and energy required and the size of the house, you may be tempted to let go of the idea of cleaning. Well postponing it doesn’t help. It only adds to the pile of work already waiting for you. Instead, we hope you use these 5 cleaning motivations to help you spruce the chore.


© Eco Bravo

6 Eco-friendly Habits you Should Adopt Right Away


If you have noticed that one of the latest trends is going for eco-friendly habits, you should know that this happens for a reason. Our planet gets polluted every day, that’s why altering some of our routines is of such huge importance. With a few small sacrifices in your manners, you can help nature more than you can imagine. Green trends are true money-savers and it is so simple to get used to following them. Do you want to find out more? Take a look at these reasonable practices you should benefit from every day:


  • Choose eco-friendly transport – if driving is like second nature to you, you should know that your vehicle’s toxic emissions are among air’s most persistent pollutants. Surely you feel comfortable in your four-wheeled transport, but other options shouldn’t be underestimated. Consider using more  means of transportation like public transport or even better- invest in a decent bicycle. You would not only help with the air pollution problem, but you would also get in excellent physical shape in no time.


  • Abandon plastic water bottles – plastic that doesn’t get recycled poses a great danger to polluting water sources to a terrifying extent. Drinking bottled water is a habit that wouldn’t cost you a lot to reject. Just purchase a reusable water bottle produced by eco-friendly, harmless materials. As for the water at home, there is no need for you to use huge bottles of water when you can simply rely on the faucet. If water quality bothers you, benefit from a water refiner or filters. In case you are away from your place and you forget to take your reusable water with, insist on purchasing water in a glass bottle.


  • Recycle – it may take you a while to get used to that habit, but once you learn how to recycle, you would feel very good about yourself. Nothing beats the feeling of being responsible by doing the right thing, so start recycling right away. Some cities have a recycling system of their own, but in case yours doesn’t take care of recycling by yourself. Separate your trash appropriately and make sure you are fully aware of the basics that green process requires. Let anyone at home know that from now on they should stick to recycling as well.


  • Consider tree planting – even young kids are familiar with the benefits of having more trees around. Simple biology tells you that trees cleanse the air by absorbing carbons and producing oxygen. The purer the air, the better, so why don’t you think about multiplying the number of trees in your backyard? If you live in an apartment, you don’t have that option, but you can always take part in an eco-friendly initiative related to improving nature’s condition.


  • Shop second-hand – many of you would probably reject the idea of using someone else’s objects, but don’t be so quick with the decision. Being a consumer means that you constantly purchase brand-new items while you can reuse old ones, which is such a great loss of resources. A TV or a smartphone, even your drapes can be bought second-hand, thus saving not only cash but precious resources too. In the same time, you can sell or donate stuff you no longer need, so that another person can continue the idea of saving our energy and water supplies.


  • Consume less energy – decreasing the amount of energy you use every day is a great eco-friendly habit you should make a must. Invest in efficient LED bulbs that need much less energy to work and make sure you turn off the lights, the TV or any energy-powered device at home for as long as you don’t use it.


Surely you see that being eco-friendly is not difficult at all. With only six simple green habits you would participate in preserving nature safe and sound for a long time.


© Eco Bravo


8 Tips to Start Saving Water Now



One of the most precious resources on Earth is water. Being eco-conscious about it and reducing the waste of water is a mission that every single person should be on. It is one of the first things to consider since it is easy and doesn’t even necessarily disrupt your day-to-day activities. Adopting certain tips can make it possible for you to conserve water as part of a more eco-conscious behaviour. Let’s check out a few possible ways to do that: 


  • Turn off the tap when possible – when you brush your teeth or lather your hands with soap, do you turn the tap off? Have you ever considered doing this? If you think about it, these are two fine examples of a way you might be wasting water, without even considering much about it. When you are not using the water, you should turn it off, plain and simple. There is no use for it running while you are brushing your teeth. In fact, studies reveal that people do this task the right way when the water is not running because it doesn’t cause them to rush through it. 


  • Better shower practice – don’t turn showering into a session of 30minute splashing and contemplating the secrets of the universe. It should be a quick activity that takes a few minutes. And when you are showering, you can also turn off the water for the time you are applying shampoo or soap to your body. 


  • Collect rainwater – this is a great tip to get you going, in case you have a garden or plants that require watering. Collecting rainwater means that you get a free source of water, which you can then utilise however you wish. You can use it to water your plants, or even in some housekeeping tasks, like cleaning. It is free water, which you can collect with the appropriate system in place and use whenever you wish to later. 


  • Use real plates and napkins – you are using water that you don’t even see. This ‘virtual’ water is the one that goes into the production of things like paper towels and plates. Keep it real, and only use cloth napkins and glass plates. 


  • Invest in fixing any leaks – that leaky tap may not seem like much of an issue to you, but in reality, it is a water-wasting problem. Leaks like that contribute to litres of water going to waste, which then translates to a higher bill for you. So when you see a leaky tap or a toilet tank, don’t hesitate to call in the plumbers right away. It will save a lot of water. 


  • Install water-saving faucets and water restrictors – when you turn on the water, oftentimes you consume more than you really need. That is why it is a good idea to install water-saving faucets and water restrictors in your kitchen and bathroom. 


  • Use the dishwasher for full loads only – don’t just run the machine with a few items inside; it will use the same amount of water as if it were full. It makes perfect sense to use this appliance only when you have reached its maximum capacity, in order to conserve water and be more efficient. 



  • Water plants in the afternoon – when you water plants during the hottest part of the day, a large part of the water will evaporate and not even do its intended purpose. For this reason, you should water in the evening, when the sun is not that strong and water can make its way into the soil and roots of the plants. 


All of these water-saving tips work well and you should adopt as much of them as possible. 


© Eco Bravo






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